June 5, 2020

Comps are back baby!

Competitions are back!

We've played Covid-19 Modified Members Social Distancing competitions on Monday and Wednesday of this week commencing 01 June 2020.


Notably the Women’s Monthly Medal Wednesday 03 June 2020 and the Senior Monthly Medal was also played on Wednesday 03 June 2020.



🏌🏼‍♀️    Women's June 2020 Monthly Medal    🏌🏼‍♀️
🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 🥇🥇🥇🥇
🏌🏼♀️ 🥇 Winner: Tammy Hall 74 🥇 🏌🏼♀️

R/up: Gillian Evans 75 (c/b)
3rd: Elizabeth Barber 75
4th: Lindsay French 75
5th: Marie Myrander 75

🏌🏻♂️ Stroke Men - Winner: Joshie Lawrence 68  🏌🏻♂️
🏌🏻♂️ 🥇 Senior June 2020 MM: Gregory Powell 70 🥇 🏌🏻♂️

3rd: Carmelo Maletta 71
4th: Lino Sciulli 72 (c/b)
5th: David Cramp 72
6th: Robbie Berne 72
7th: Robin Nason 73


Saturday – 06 June 2020
Monthly Medal



The Monthly Medal returns albeit with Covid-19 Modified Rules


• OurGolf booking required

• Non-cash transactions only

4 People in the ProShop at any one time (1 staff member & 3 patrons)

1.5 metre social distancing to apply across all areas

• There will not be any competition presentations

• Practice putting greens with a maximum of 5 people on each green with 1.5 metre social distancing maintained

No Power Pins

• No Nearest the Pin


Covid-19 Modified Rules
Temporary Local Rules


Flagsticks are NOT to be removed from the hole.
Prohibited Action:
Removing flag stick from the hole.


• Holes have been shallowed by positioning a pool noodle at the bottom of each hole.
• The ball can be easily extracted from the hole without touching the sides while at rest on the pool noodle.
• A ball at rest in the hole and on the pool noodle will be considered holed even if it is not entirely below the level of the hole.


• Removal of bunker rakes means that some areas within thebunkers do not provide fair playing conditions.
• Preferred Lies
have been declared for all bunkers.
• When a ball is at rest within a non-smoothed / untended area of the bunker (footmarks or other unevenness), a player may take free relief by marking the location of the ball, lifting, and replacing the ball within 15 centimetres of the original location of the ball and not nearer the hole. No relief for stance.


Winter Rules - Preferred Lies

8. Winter Rules (NOW IN PLAY) PreferredLies

• When a player's ball lies in the general area, the ball can be marked, lifted, and cleaned without penalty. The location of the original ball must be marked prior to being lifted.
• The original ball or another ball must be replaced once, within15 centimetres of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay and must remain in the general area.
• Penalty for taking relief more than once, in Breach of LocalRule: One Penalty Stroke Under Rule 9.4bPenalty for lifting the ball without marking its spot in Breach of Local Rule: One Penalty Stroke Under Rule 14.1a
• Penalty for playing ball from a wrong place in Breach of LocalRule: General Penalty Under Rule 14.7a

This means that we are playing preferred lies in the general area (all the course except hazards, bunkers & greens). 

Don’t forget the location of the ball must be marked before lifting and cleaning. The ball must be replaced once only, within 15 centimeters of & not nearer the hole where it originally lay. 

The ball must remain in the general area. 

Casual water always provides free relief in the general area, bunkers & greens.


Wait!! Wot??   AGAIN...& AGAIN...& AGAIN...

Freeze a jolly good fellow...

Winter Birthday Celebrations for John Cullen LM (PVGC)OAM JP
Saturday 06 June 2020.

His Summer Birthday was celebrated for 8 weeks in October 2019.

Now his Winter Birthday has rolled around in June 2020!!


Prospect Vale Golf Club
Covid-19 Cart User Policy

Members ONLY cart users – No public / visitors allowed!!

All carts must stay on the paths provided. On the BACK9 where there are no cart paths, please use common sense & drive along the rough.
Do not drive on OR close to the greens & tee beds. If this request is not strictly adhered to, the course may be closed to carts.



More tee times available for Saturday Comps (only)

Effective from Saturday 20 June 2020.


More tee times are being made available from this date to allow the field sizes to increase.
Note however that strict social distancing rules will apply (separation 1.5 meters).

First tee time will be 08:00am with 10-minute intervals to the last tee time of 12:30pm.

08:00     08:10     08:20     08:30     08:40     08:50     (24)

09:00     09:10     09:20     09:30     09:40     09:50    (24)

10:00     10:10     10:20     10:30     10:40     10:50     (24)

11:00     11:10     11:20     11:30     11:40     11:50     (24)

12:00     12:10     12:20     12:30                          (16)


Distance Measuring Devices @ PVGC


PVGC Mobile Phone policy is currently being reviewed, with new electronic scoring being developed(e.g. MiClub) & many golf apps currently being used on course, it is timely to review mobile phone usage on our course.
Smartphones and similar are OK to be used @ PVGC however there are allowed actions &prohibited actions. These are detailed under –


Rule 4
4.3 Use of Equipment
Rule 4.3 applies to all types of equipment that a player might use during a round, except that the requirement to play with conforming clubs and balls is covered by Rules 4.1 and 4.2, not by this Rule.This Rule only concerns how equipment is used. It does not limit the equipment that a player may have with him or her during a round.

Allowed and Prohibited Uses of Equipment

Common examples of uses of equipment that are allowed and not allowed during a player’s round under this Rule are:
(1) Distance and Directional Information

Getting information on distance or direction (such as from a distance-measuring device or compass).

Not Allowed
Measuring elevation changes, or
Interpreting distance or directional information (such as using a device to get a recommended line of play or club selection based on the location of the player’s ball).

See Committee Procedures, Section8; ModelLocal Rule G-5 (the Committee may adopt a Local Rule prohibiting the use of distance-measuring devices).

(2) Information on Wind and Other Weather Conditions

Getting any type of weather information (including wind speed) that is available from weather forecasts, or
Measuring temperature and humidity at the course.

Not Allowed.
Measuring wind speed at the course, or
Using an artificial object to get other wind-related information (such as using powder to assess wind direction).

Fine to use your GPS /Rangefinder on distance or direction – penalties apply if you use the device to measure wind speed, elevation, or line of play.


Course Maintenance

Whilst the majority of members do the right thing there are some who do not, and this is very frustrating to everyone who does.


1. Pitch marks on greens.....please make sure you repair your pitch mark and if you see others repair those as well.

2. Divots on the tees and fairways....you must replace your divot, cut in (if possible) and apply sand and level as required.  If it is only a scuff mark just a light sand will suffice.All players, whether carrying a bag, pushing a buggy, or playing in a cart, must carry a sand bucket.

3. Nursery hole.....this initiative will be restarted onMonday 01 June 2020 from the 1st tee

4. Members who use carts please follow the cart paths and use the rough where no cart path is available. 


Nursery Hole – 1st

With our return to competition golf and our big day Saturday – the nursery hole is back starting at number ONE again.

Please ensure your sand bucket is full and repair all divots through the course, remembering ONLY members have access at this time, whatever is out there has been caused by US& should be fixed by us.


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