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The Prospect Vale Golf Club formally (Quamby Golf Club Inc.) will forever be indebted to Ian and Marjorie McFarlane for acting out a dream and building a Golf Course at Hagley a 20 minute drive west of Launceston,  the course was started in 1996 and finished early in 1997 out of which our Golf Club was started.

After several meeting in 1996/97 to set up a golf club. the inaugural Board of Quamby Golf Club Inc. held its first meeting on the 5/7/1997, with Trevor Atkinson President, Rob Prescott Vice President, Dianna French Secretary, Brian Abey Treasurer, Don Cameron Captain, Adrian Palmer Vice Captain, Committee Rod Ascui. not long after this three more members were appointed to the Committee, Liz Gee, John Nunn and Daryl Stanes. The first official competition was held on Saturday 8th. December 1997.  

In February 1998 the Golf Club was registered with the Northern Tasmanian Golf Association and following this registered with the Tasmanian Golf Council.

In September 2005 the property at Hagley was sold and on the 17th. December 2005 a Special meeting was called and a resolution was passed for the Golf Club to move to the Country Club Tasmania.  The first competition was held at Country Club Tasmania on the 7th.January 2006 since that day the Country Club Tasmania is the home of Prospect Vale Golf Club Inc.